Relationship to Medavie Health Services

Emergency Medical Care Inc. (EMC) is a wholly owned direct subsidiary of Medavie Health Services (formerly Medavie EMS Inc.), a member of the Medavie Blue Cross Group of Companies. We delivery a high quality pre-hospital care program to Nova Scotians every day through a long-term performance-based contract with the provincial government’s Emergency Health Services (EHS) division. We achieve this through the more than 1,600 employees who work with us, including highly-trained paramedics, nurses, medical communication officers, support employees and our leadership team.

About Medavie Health Services

Medavie Health Services, a primary health care solutions organization, manages a number of subsidiary companies in the fields of pre-hospital emergency medical services (EMS), mobile integrated health, telehealth medical communications, public safety delivery and clinical training. These services are provided by members of the Medavie Health Services Group of Companies through long-term and performance-based contracts. Medavie Health Services is currently contracted to provide EMS services in six Canadian provinces, and in Massachusetts, making it the largest private provider of EMS management services in Canada.

Medavie Health Services is part of Medavie, a health company. Together with Medavie Blue Cross, Canada’s largest Blue Cross provider, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that will improve the health of all Canadians.

Medavie Health Services Companies

  • Medavie Health Services
  • Medavie Health Services New Brunswick
  • Emergency Medical Care Inc.
  • Island EMS
  • Medacom Atlantic
  • MEMSO Chatham-Kent
  • Medavie HealthEd
  • Medavie Health Services West
  • Perth County Paramedic Services