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Provide consumer credit training to underrepresented debtors regarding their rights as consumers and assist them throughout the legal process. Weekly ClaRO limited counselling and counselling sessions. No appointment required. CLARO deals with judgments about credit card debt, Medicaid costs, wage garnishment, and collection agency fees. Covers Niagara and Erie counties. In other cases, the allegations are more serious. At any time your loved one is arrested, the first thing to do is to find out who made the arrest, as this will determine where they will be detained. If you are present at the time of the arrest, do not distract the officers. They are there to stop illegal activities and to ensure the safety of all, not to advise or mediate. It is normal to simply let the officers who intervened know that there is a history of psychiatric illness. Contact the receiving institution as soon as possible to inform them of the relevant psychiatric history and the need to take medication. Don`t put medication in jail because it can`t be given from the patient`s prescription bottle and it`s not legal to have someone else`s prescription drugs in your possession.

Keep a list of current medications that you can give to staff, preferably a nurse, if they are available. Mental Health Lawyers: Volunteer civil services are available to residents with a mental health diagnosis who live in Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Genesee, Orléans and Wyoming counties. A client must have a mental health diagnosis from a provider or licensed physician. If you need help in a civil law case and meet the above requirements, call 716-886-1242 and ask to speak to the lawyer of the day. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Free civil legal advice for low-income people. Cases limited to those that have the potential to impact a particular system, such as social services, illegal transfer of property, etc. Mortgage foreclosure assistance.

Buffalo Legal Aid Office, Inc. 716-853-9555 237 Main Street, Ste. 400 Buffalo, NY 14203 eligibility www.legalaidbuffalo.org: WNY residents with a psychiatric diagnosis Provides legal assistance with: Social Security Disability (SSD)/Supplementary Security Income (SSI) issues such as claim against denial of benefits, ongoing disability verification, overpayments; housing issues such as landlord and tenant issues, evictions, informal section 8 hearings; Public aid issues such as temporary aid, food stamps, Medicaid/Medicare; consumer issues such as harassment by debt collectors, student loan relief; and mental health advocacy. There are two general types of legal services: civil services and criminal services. Civil legal assistance helps people protect their livelihoods, health and families. Examples of these legal issues are housing, social benefits, disability, rent and unemployment. Criminal legal assistance helps people cope with police, courts and criminal charges, including arrest, detention and reinstatement. Some mutual legal assistance organizations support civil and criminal services, as indicated in the following resource descriptions. Services for all state inmates in need in WNY correctional facilities; Information and legal assistance. Representation of prisoners in civil matters: disciplinary hearings in the penitentiary system; medical and psychiatric care; the calculation of sentences and prisons; First Amendment rights; family allowances, custody and visits; excessive use of force; Immigration, probation and readmission. Assist persons with intellectual disabilities who are hospitalized in OMH/OMRDD facilities to guarantee their legal rights in terms of civil detention, care and treatment, as well as to inform families, or to report violations of patient advocacy.

Legal advice for low-income residents of the 8th Judicial District. Services include matters relating to family and domestic relations, housing, bankruptcy and consumer issues, workers` rights, unemployment insurance appeals, VDD suspensions and other general civil law matters. Legal Aid also handles landlords/tenants and other matters in the City of Buffalo, as well as the defense of accused and inmates, appeals and reinstatement after conviction by the Criminal Defense Unit (716-855-1553). Spanish language available. Civil and criminal law services. The mission of the Buffalo Office of Legal Aid is to sue to improve the lives of low-income people in western New York through legal advice and advocacy. This mission will never be fully accomplished until the structural racism that constitutes the heart of the legal system and our country is dismantled. (Know your rights during the event) We provide legal assistance in a variety of civil and criminal cases.

We provide assistance in cases involving juvenile justice, housing, employment, marriage, consumers, mortgage and tax enforcement, reinstatement, criminal defense, etc. Contact our office for more details. Staff and volunteers provide free civil law services to low-income individuals, including divorce, probate and wills, family law, immigration, legal advice to positive families and individuals, micro-entrepreneurship program, non-profit organizations, tax enforcement, clinics and taxpayer representation (LITC), the defence of tort. Legal advice and consulting clinics. No walk-ins. For civilians only. CLARO (Civil Legal Advice & Resource Office) 716-828-8432 BFNC Hope Center 45 Jewett Ave., Ste. 250A Buffalo, NY 14214 also at Buffalo City Court, weekly www.clarobuffalo.org hours limited hours, call for more details.

Services for topics that fall within the priority areas defined by PAIMI. For anyone who receives psychiatric services or has a mental health diagnosis; or anyone who is concerned about someone else who meets these criteria, PAIMI will provide legal advice, go to court if necessary, provide information, help citizens` lawyers resolve difficulties with agencies that provide services and provide technical assistance to lawyers representing clients with mental illness. Patient rights, abuse, landlord-tenant issues, Kendra Act, professional activity and SSI or Medicaid benefits. Deals with housing issues, disability services, divorce, public benefits, social security and food stamps. Service Area: WNY Mental Health Advocates of WNY Legal Services and Advocacy 716-886-1242 1021 Broadway St, 5th flr Buffalo, NY 14212 www.eriemha.org/programs-legal-services-advocacy.php Fees: None After the indictment, the person may be released alone (i.e. a hearing date is set for further proceedings and the person must appear but will not be held in prison), or she can post bail (present a sum of money to the court, they would be confiscated if they did not show up) or they can be detained and sent to the Erie County Holding Center, 10 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY 14202. WNY Law Center, Inc. 716-855-0203 237 Main St., Ste. 1130 Buffalo, NY 14203 wnylc.com/about-us/. New York has the third highest number of false convictions in the country. Currently, the law makes it virtually impossible for innocent people who have pleaded guilty and do not have DNA evidence to challenge their beliefs in court.

This prevents countless people with credible claims of innocence from receiving redress in court. We represent qualified landlords facing code violation lawsuits, landlord/tenant cases, and tax law enforcement. Our family law lawyers have experience handling complex divorce, separation, access and custody cases. Prisoners` Legal Services of New York 716-854-1007 14 Lafayette Sq., #510 Buffalo, NY 14203 www.plsny.org Link to information brochure Fees: None Erie County Department of Mental Health Main 716-858-8540 Reception 716-858-8530 95 Franklin St Buffalo, NY 14202 Property may be misplaced or lost for a variety of reasons. You may have been deported by the person to the local district, city jail, reservation center, or detention center.